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Low-Carb Snacks

Depression and Thyroid Disease
Guide picks
Web links featuring information on depression and the link to thyroid disease and hypothyroidism, depression as a sign of undertreated thyroid disease, and antidepressant, herbal and other alternative treatments for depression.

Are You Depressed? Take Our Depression Quiz
Even after thyroid diagnosis and treatment, depression can sometimes continue, an unwanted side effect of coping with long-term chronic illness like thyroid disease. Take our Depression Quiz to see if you have symptoms of clinical depression, and find out more about the thyroid/depression connection.

Interview: Alan Cohen, MD on Depression & Thyroid Disease
Alan Cohen, M.D. talks about the relationship between depression and hypothyroidism, the need for T3, treatment for hypothyroid patients with depression, and more.

Depression and Thyroid Disease
A look at the relationship between depression and thyroid disease, and conventional and alternative treatments to help.

"The Neurobiology of Depression"
Detailed article on the physical reasons behind depression, from Scientific American.

Depression & T3
Dr. Bob's psychopharmacology tips re: use of T4 and/or T3 therapy to treat depression.

Treatment of Anergic Depression in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Article by Alan Cohen, M.D. from the journal Depression, on depression associated with hypothyroidism that is resistant to treatment.

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