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Top 5 Alternative Medicine Approaches


More and more patients are turning to alternative, complementary and holistic approaches for both diagnosis and treatment of various thyroid conditions. These are some of the best articles reviewing alternative approaches to thyroid disease, including practitioner recommendations that focus on nutrition, herbs, supplements, and other alternative approaches.

1) The Natural Medicine View of Thyroid Disease

Natural health practitioner Shasta Tierra-Tayam shares her insights on thyroid disease and herbal medicine, including herbal alternatives, iodine, soy, and solutions for Graves' disease, fatigue, weight gain, depression and more.

2) South American Herbs and Autoimmune Diseases

Anthropologist and herbal expert Dr. Viana Muller talks about South American herbs that can fight viruses, and boost and strengthen the immune system.

3) Body Restoration Technique, NAET and JMT

Dr. Eric Berg is a practitioner of cutting-edge therapies that combine muscle testing, acupressure and energy work to help eliminate sensitivities to allergens, toxins, hormones, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

4) Can Herbal Medicine Help Thyroid Disease?

Renowed herbal expert Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa offers his ideas about herbal treatment for autoimmune disease and thyroid conditions, including whether patients can and should treat themselves.

5) Help from Holistic Thyroid Expert Stephen Langer, M.D.

Nutritional thyroid expert Stephen Langer, M.D. shares some fascinating information about thyroiditis, how hypothyroid patients who cannot tolerate even small doses of thyroid medicine can get help, palpitations and nutritional deficiencies, weight loss challenges, whether thyroid blood tests are really necessary, and what to explore when you're not getting adequate treatment.
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