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Balancing Your Immune System

Healing Autoimmune Thyroid Disease May Start with the Immune System


Updated December 03, 2003

Autoimmune diseases affect our bodies, especially the immune system, and in those with compromised thyroid function, there are ways you can help your immune system to again function more optimally.

Effectively, the immune system is what protects us against bacteria, pathogens, microorganisms, cancer cells, and other things that can be danger to our health. autoimmune disease is a sign that the immune system is already dysfunctional. People with autoimmune thyroid disease frequently are more susceptible to infection, catch more colds and flus more easily, and take longer to recover. These are all signs that the immune system is not functioning optimally. So, it's important to do as much as you can to help your immune system work as best as it can.

Ways you can optimize your body's immune system include:
  • Take Antioxidant Supplements
  • Consider Immune Enhancing Supplements
  • Improve Your Nutrition and Diet
  • Get Sufficient Exercise
  • Practice Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Incorporate Mind/Body - Spirituality into Your Wellness
A comprehensive approach to your body's immune system and your thyroid disease and how they interact, as well as specific information about how to optimize immune function, is featured in [link url=http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/immunebalance.htm]an online guide.

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