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Chia For Fatigue and Weight Loss / James Scheer's The Magic of Chia

Can This Seed Be An Answer?


Updated December 03, 2003

by Mary J. Shomon

Fatigue is the most frequent complaint of thyroid patients.

The book The Magic of Chia presents the possibility to use chia seed as a food-based energy builder.

Many ancient cultures including the Aztecs and some Native American tribes have long used the chia seed as a food for energy and endurance.

Chia seed swells from seven to nine times in the stomach, thereby having the potential to help those trying to lose weight.

According to New York Times health columnist Jane E. Brody, overweight patients with type II diabetes as well as those with low blood sugar can be helped by this food.

The Magic of Chia contains almost 100 recipes for chia foods and also discusses children’s nutrition as well.

There is also a chapter discussing the link seeds have in the prevention or slowing of cancer development

More detailed information on chia seeds can be found at [link url=http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/chia.htm]Chia and Thyroid Disease/Weight Loss: Interview with Jim Scheer.

Find The Magic of Chia at local bookstores, or online at [link url=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1583940405/o/qid=992192403/sr=2-1/ref=aps_sr_ b_1_1/107-9185413-0234939]Amazon.com
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