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Levoxyl Brand of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Coming Back on Market


Updated June 25, 2014

Levoxyl Brand of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Coming Back on Market

Pfizer, the manufacturer of the thyroid drug Levoxyl, a brand name of levothyroxine - one of the thyroid hormone replacement drug used to treat hypothyroidism -- has announced that Levoxyl should be back on the market and available as of March 3, 2014. (Note that they say this date is subject to change without notice.)

Back in March of 2013, Levoxyl went off the market to address manufacturing concerns.

I have been hearing, however, that some patients have already been able to get their prescriptions filled, and that Levoxyl is making its way through the distribution pipelines.

There's a signup at the Levoxyl webpage to get notified about the return of Levoxyl, as well as the latest updates on the availability date.

Pfizer also says that if pharmacies do not have a supply of Levoxyl, they should contact Pfizer customer service at 1-800-533-4535, and Pfizer will work with pharmacists and their designated wholesalers to drop-ship the Levoxyl. (You may want to let your pharmacist know this if you want to get a Levoxyl prescription filled.)

Free Trial of Levoxyl

Pfizer is also offering a 30-day free trial of Levoxyl, available only to new patients who are not already on Levoxyl. You can download your voucher at their site.

(By my logic, since the drug has been off the market for a year, and no one is on it or has been on it for almost a year, anyone who wants it should be eligible for this voucher!)

Note: the free trial voucher expires expires 12/31/14.

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