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Tirosint Bypasses Coffee’s Effect on Thyroid Drug Absorption


Updated June 04, 2014

Tirosint Bypasses Coffee’s Effect on Thyroid Drug Absorption

Most thyroid patients are aware that drinking coffee with -- or a few minutes after -- taking regular levothyroxine prevents proper absorption of the medication. (See Coffee and Thyroid Medication.)

But new research presented at the American Thyroid Association meeting in 2011 reported on the softgel capsule formulation of levothyroxine known as Tirosint -- the newest entry to the levothyroxine market -- evaluating whether patients could drink coffee around the time they took Tirosint, and still not suffer impaired absorption.

What the researchers learned was that the Tirosint softgel capsule appears to be "coffee-resistant" and according to the researchers, can be used to achieve a target TSH level -- and proper medication absorption -- in patients who are unwilling or unable to change the way they take their levothyroxine.

Interestingly, even in patients who do not drink coffee within an hour of taking their medication, TSH testing suggested that patients were achieving better absorption using the Tirosint, as compared to levothyroxine in tablet form.

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Sources: S. Benvenga, et. al. "A Novel Formulation of L-Thyroxine (L-T4) Solves Problems of L-T4 Malabsorption Caused by Coffee in Patients Under Replacement or TSH Suppressive L-T4 Therapy with Conventional Tablets," Abstracts of the American Thyroid Association Annual Meeting, 2011

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