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Mary Shomon

Thyroid Disease in the News: Web, Blogs and More

By November 19, 2009

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Here are some of the notable and recent thyroid-related stories, blog posts and articles of interest.

  • One thyroid cancer patient's experience makes it clear that getting radioactive iodine treatment through a feeding tube is not a good idea.

  • Three cheers to cardiologist Dr. William Davis, who writes the following in a blog post titled T3: The forgotten thyroid hormone at MyHeartCentral.com:
    This is a contentious issue among thyroid experts: Some say that T4-to-T3 conversion can be impaired and that T3 supplementation is necessary to fully correct thyroid status. Others argue that T3 is unnecessary. There are studies supporting both sides of the argument, with some studies showing improved mood and energy with T3 added to T4, while others fail to show any improvement.

    My experience has been most consistent with the first side of the argument: When someone responds "No" to my question about whether they feel normal, I will ask them to consider adding T3 thyroid hormone to their T4. (This is done by either adding a T3 preparation, liothyronine or Cytomel, or by switching to combination preparations like Armour thyroid or Naturethroid.) With rare exceptions, within a week they feel energized, mood improves, excess weight starts to drop

  • Thyroid cancer survivor and author Kairol Rosenthal talks about how her thyroid cancer has muddled her mind, in her guest column at the New York Times' "Well" Blog. Says Rosenthal:
    The cognitive side effects of my cancer, however, make me feel old before my time and have tanked my self-esteem....I've turned to my doctors for validation. But, like dozens of thyroid cancer patients I've spoken with about memory loss, my doctors do not acknowledge my symptoms, much less explain the causes.
  • Lisa Knobel, writing a guest column in the Summit Daily News titled "Health care: A cautionary tale" wonders whether thyroid care in a nationalized U.S. health care system might look like the worsening thyroid situation for UK patients under the National Health Service.

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