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Mary Shomon

Oprah Winfrey is Falling Off the Thyroid Wagon: Claims She's "Cured" of Thyroid Problem

By January 5, 2009

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Oprah Winfrey kicked off her "Best Life Week" Monday January 5th, with her show titled "Falling Off the Wagon". During the show, Oprah discussed how she's fallen off the "weight control" wagon -- gaining 40 pounds in the last two years, putting her at her current weight of 200 pounds. Oprah blames, in part, her thyroid problem -- which she discussed at greater length in the January 2009 issue of her O magazine.

On the one hand, Oprah is doing women a service. She's providing an example for all women to never give up trying to "live your best life." She has shown us that overweight women can lose weight -- but will probably regain it without solid and consistent habits when it comes to diet, exercise, and stress management. She's publicly admitted that she weighs 200 pounds -- and who among us is brave enough to reveal our weight to millions? -- and she's getting back on track.

But on the other hand, there's a large piece of this story that isn't being told. Besides falling off the wagon of weight control, Oprah Winfrey has fallen off the thyroid treatment wagon. (And frankly, her decision to stop taking thyroid medication is one of six reasons Oprah doesn't have to weigh 200 pounds today, but does.)

And in falling off the thyroid treatment wagon, Oprah may, inadvertently and unfortunately, also be taking millions of American women along with her.

Millions of women listen to Oprah. They trust her...they believe that with her access, wealth, and clout, she is getting -- and in turn, sharing with her viewers and readers -- the absolute best medical advice available. And that's the problem. They trust Oprah to tell them exactly how it is. And she isn't.

Oprah herself is misinformed about thyroid disease, and she -- and her magazine and website -- are sharing misinformation about thyroid disease. Women may be tempted to follow Oprah's example. But that could be dangerous.

Here are some things that Oprah has said or published about thyroid disease that I urge women to reconsider!

First, in her January 6, 2009 show, Oprah, in talking about hypothyroidism, shared that her doctor told her "You must learn to embrace hunger, because you have a thyroid issue. Your metabolism is nothing." She then described her own reaction: "It was almost like some kind of sentence, a fat sentence, because I thought, now it doesn't matter. I've got a thyroid problem. Everything I eat is going to make me fat anyway. I might as well just eat whatever I want. I felt completely defeated. I thought ok, that's it."

What I first want to know is, who is this doctor? (Because this is a doctor who should be avoided at all costs!) And next, where was this doctor getting information about hypothyroidism? It's true that thyroid problems can cause weight gain, and make it harder to lose weight -- even with diet and exercise. But "embrace hunger?" "Your metabolism is nothing?" This is ridiculous, and for Oprah to have believed this nonsense, without doing any research herself, is surprising.

Second, Oprah claimed on her show that she is "cured of" her thyroid problem. She has never fully explained what specific thyroid problem she was diagnosed with, but suggested that it was hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism, like most thyroid problems, is rarely "curable." Thyroid problems are treatable -- but "curing" a thyroid condition? It rarely happens.

So if Oprah did have a thyroid problem, as she claimed, and it's now "cured," she owes the millions of American women who are still suffering from thyroid problems the secret to her "cure."

What is more likely is that Oprah is not cured. We know she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and that she has stopped taking prescribed medication. She is still battling a weight problem, and appears to have puffiness in her face and around her eyes -- classic thyroid symptoms. She may be refusing to take medication against medical advice -- and refusing to take prescribed thyroid medication can have a number of negative side effects. Oprah may have borderline test results that she has decided to ignore. Oprah may have a rare case of transient thyroiditis -- a form of thyroid disease that resolves itself over time. Or, Oprah may have autoimmune Hashimoto's thyroid disease that has gone into in temporary remission. (Hashimoto's also tends to get recur and worsen without treatment however.)

I'm concerned that millions of women who are struggling with thyroid problems will think, like Oprah, that thyroid problems are quickly and/or easily "curable," that thyroid problems develop in women due to an inability to speak out and that chakra balancing, speaking out, vacations in Hawaii and soy milk are thyroid "cures." I am also concerned that women will think that stopping prescribed thyroid medication is a viable option, when it rarely is.

Third, at her website, Oprah has a slide show, About Thyroid Health: Understanding Thyroid Problems. While it has some valuable information -- and let's face it, any visibility for thyroid disease is better than none! -- the slide show features some misinformation. For example, on the page titled How Is Hyperthyroidism Diagnosed? the too short list of hyperthyroidism symptoms fails to include two common ones -- two symptoms that Oprah herself was suffering: heart palpitations, and insomnia. (Click here for a thorough list of hyperthyroidism symptoms, or take the online, interactive quiz, Could You Be Hyperthyroid?)

Fourth, the slide show also erroneously claims that "Hyperthyroidism is easily treated" and ...hypothyroidism is easy to treat. With millions of people undiagnosed and improperly treated, the "ease" of treatment is a fiction maintained by the medical establishment. Oprah -- go ask some of your readers how easy it is to treat hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism! (Read Is Thyroid Disease Really So Easy to Treat?)

Fifth, on the page titled How Is Hypothyroidism Diagnosed?, the list of hypothyroidism symptoms NEVER includes weight gain -- the symptom many people suffer -- and that Oprah herself has experienced! The list also doesn't mention infertility, low sex drive, puffiness in hands, feet, face, hair loss, and menopausal problems -- all common thyroid symptoms. (For a comprehensive list, see the Hypothyroidism Risk/Symptoms Checklist, or take the interactive online quiz, Could You Be Hypothyroid?)

Sixth, the slide show asks Is It Thyroid Disease or Menopause? Well, Oprah...maybe it's BOTH! Given that many women develop thyroid conditions during perimenopause, it doesn't have to be either/or issue. See Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames, on The Thyroid/Menopause Connection.

Seventh, another slide with misinformation is How Is Hypothyroidism Treated? This page claims "Most people start to feel better within a week or two. Your symptoms will probably go away within a few months." Most doctors will tell you that you'll start to feel better not within a week or two, but more likely a month or two. And unfortunately, many thyroid patients require adjustment of their medication and dosage, and even when optimized, still suffer from symptoms long after "a few months."

Eighth, in a related Oprah slide show on the causes of fatigue, Fatigue Cause Number Six: Underactive Thyroid claims "Blood tests known as T3 and T4 will detect thyroid hormones. If these hormones are low, synthetic hormones medication can bring you up to speed."

The blood tests most commonly used are not T3 and T4, but the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test. And when the individual thyroid hormones are measured, most experts agree that Free T4 and Free T3 (not T4 and T3) should be measured. (Read Blood Tests for Thyroid Disease.) And while synthetic hormones -- the generic name is levothyroxine, but most people know the brand names Synthroid and Levoxyl -- are the conventional treatment, some patients do better with natural thyroid drugs. In fact, some patients simply don't do well on the synthetic hormones. (Read What If Your Synthroid Doesn't Work?)

And finally, in Fatigue Cause Number Eight: Sleep Apnea it says that obesity and smoking are risk factors for sleep apnea, but it never mentions another common risk factor for sleep apnea -- hypothyroidism!

* * *
Oprah, if you want millions of women with thyroid disease to "live their best lives," you need to become better informed about thyroid disease, find better doctors for yourself and as resources for your program and website, and share more accurate information about thyroid disease!


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January 5, 2009 at 7:51 pm
(1) radelady says:

I just finished watching today’s Oprah show and was shocked to hear her say that her thyroid disorder was now “cured.” I came right to Mary Shomon’s website, knowing that Mary would have something to say about that! While it’s great that Oprah is talking about thyroid issues and raising awareness, I, too, am shocked that she is not getting better medical advice (like that thyroid disorders need to be treated and don’t just go away)!

January 5, 2009 at 9:11 pm
(2) Amy says:

The real outrage is not the inaccurate information on the “educational” slides at her website. It is Oprah publicly equating a hypothyroid diagnosis with “giving up” and “giving in” to being fat.

Yes, she got lousy advice from her doctor, but who hasn’t. I had an endo tell me my symptoms would go away if I got a boyfriend. Sheesh. But I didn’t believe him and I didn’t tell other women to dismiss their symptoms in favor of a date.

How is a diagnosis a “fat sentence”? If she were empowered with accurate information and an educated doctor, her metabolism would rebound. A diagnosis, coupled with accurate treatment, is liberating for many people.

It isn’t only patients who are frustrated with Oprah and her misinformation. My Doctor wrote to her recently to let her know that if she was just being treated according to her TSH, she would remain under treated.

Oprah is sending the message that women should reject a hypothyroid diagnosis because it is really just an excuse for giving up. She would rather flagellate herself for being “out of control” and resume “control” by adhering to a rigid diet and exercise regime and piling on the self- insults for “falling off the wagon.”

I can’t imagine anyone watching Oprah’s show and not seeing the hypo puffiness in her face. It is a shame.

It’s sad to say, but the best thing that could happen to Oprah is that her rigid regime fails her this time and she starts looking for the underlying cause of her metabolic issues.

We have a disturbed society when we send the subconscious message that a diagnosis is just an excuse. It’s not an excuse Oprah, it’s an opportunity for a better life. Maybe even a “best life.” It seems like that would be something you could get behind.

January 5, 2009 at 9:59 pm
(3) Alyssa says:

I too came right on after I saw Oprah today to see what Mary Shoman had to say. Because of Mary Shoman’s book I have survived thyroid cancer and many on going thyroid symptoms. I was shocked by Oprah’s pure dismissal of her thyroid having to do with her weight gain. She is being so vague about the entire thing why even mention it at all!!! And as for Bob Green saying Oprah just didn’t want to excercise anymore and had a blank stare. HELLO BOB educate yourself all part of the symptoms of thyroid disorder including the depression. Then to put the icing on the cake Oprah and Carnie Wilson tell us if we “love” ourselves we will win the weight battle. Please fellow women don’t listen to anyone but Mary Shoman who knows what she is talking about. She will save your life.

January 5, 2009 at 10:32 pm
(4) Lily says:

I went to the Oprah.com message boards to see how her show affected her audience and was dismayed to find dozens upon dozens of people who said that connecting weight gain to thyroid was just a “crutch” and an “excuse.” They seemed reaffirmed and glad that she wasn’t going to blame her thyroid.

If only they knew how serious dismissing thyroid imbalances could be. Even if Oprah wanted to take “responsibility” for her weight gain, she should still worry about how low thyroid can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other serious conditions.

She seems incapable of promoting anything that isn’t “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophy. Sad.

January 6, 2009 at 10:03 am
(5) MargaretAckley says:

I have the same thing and I’ve been off the synthyroid because of Insurance issues. I can tell the differenece when I’m not on it. I don’t feel well and gain the weight even more and depression settles in. Your body knows. I honestly don’t agree with Oprah if there is a cure I’d like to know it. I’am very lucky to have two children I didn’t know I had Thyroid until I had my first child (I had many losses because of it)

January 6, 2009 at 10:28 am
(6) gina says:

amy, very well said!

i too find it sad that “the best thing that could happen to Oprah is that her rigid regime fails”. it would be the best thing for her as a necessary first step to effective medical treatment – and if it led her to put together a show that addresses the topic of thyroid disease properly, it would be the best thing for everyone else!

January 6, 2009 at 12:20 pm
(7) gina says:


while i certainly agree that heart palpitations and insomnia should be included among common hyper symptoms, time spent on various thyroid patient boards has led me to the conclusion that they are fairly common hypo symptoms, as well – and not merely as manifestations of transient hyper episodes. (my worst palpitations occurred while i was seriously undermedicated; my waking pulse rate would be in the 40′s, then jump into the 80′s for several hours.)

other symptoms usually referred to as “hyper”, including anxiety and nervousness, are also common in hypos. hot = hyper, cold = hypo doesn’t tell the whole story, either. many hypos (including myself) have cold extremities when the thermostat dips a few degrees, but also can’t tolerate even slightly hot weather. “temperature disregulation” would probably describe the symptom better.

i understand that these simplistic hyper/hypo categories suit the medical community, but i think it’s to the detriment of patients, many of whose signs and symptoms do not fall neatly into either column.

January 6, 2009 at 1:18 pm
(8) Sharon says:

Take it seriously. I was told by my M.D.,I was depressed and given meds for that. After a year of fatique, forgetfulness, and learning difficulty, I went to an Endocronologist. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Please take thyroid problems seriously. Optimal adjustment of thyroid hormone dosage, based on Lab tests rather than symptoms is critical. If dose is not adequate, the gland may continue to enlarge and may be associated with increased serum cholesterol levels. If the dose is too strong it can cause an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. So much more.!!
Get all info you can and check with a specialist !

January 6, 2009 at 3:54 pm
(9) Starling says:

I’ve been treated for low thyroid for more than 20 years. Frankly, I don’t care what you do to lose weight, if you aren’t treating your low thyroid, it isn’t going to work.

When I wasn’t being treated, one of my big symptoms was exhaustion. And I don’t think that was unusual. I’ve also experienced more than one sudden extreme weight gain, both from being untreated, and from being undertreated. There is no cure for low thyroid disease.

January 6, 2009 at 7:53 pm
(10) Chrystle says:

I was appalled by Oprah’s show on Monday! She is doing millions of women a disservice by not telling the true story of what happened to her. She’s also giving many women the wrong message about thyroid meds. Not to mention the fact that she is pooh-poohing the thyroid factor when it comes to her weight gain! I don’t believe she’s cured just that as someone said, she is sticking to her “pull yourself up by your bootstraps by just loving yourself more” mentality. I think she will see that if she doesn’t treat the root cause, losing weight is going to be next to impossible! All in all it was VERY disappointing. For an enlightened woman she just doesn’t “get it.” Get your info from Mary, not Oprah!

January 7, 2009 at 1:11 am
(11) krate says:

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 2 yrs ago and have continued to gain weight. I got caught up watching Oprah’s show on Monday and ended up shedding a few tears b/c she so expressed what I felt. I mention this because so many of you have been upset with Oprah on Monday’s show.

I never felt that Oprah was discrediting her weight gain resulting from her thyroid issues. Rather, I believe she was saying it WAS a cause. What I did hear her say was she is not letting that be an issue to getting healthy this year. I felt it was refreshing.

This entire week seems to surround the idea of being healthy and she used monday’s show as a springboard, each show this week builds on the concept.

My critique of Oprah and her communications about her own journey to healthiness was voiced tonite when she indicated she is off ALL medications.

I just wanted to jump in here as it seems Oprah is attempting to tell her story this week, and it isn’t just one show’s worth.

I do encourage all of us to comment on her site around our own experiences so that those who may be searching for answers have an equal amount of perspectives from us.

January 7, 2009 at 7:17 pm
(12) Julie says:

How frustrating for anyone to ever have debilitating problems, that completely take the joy out of life & to be told to take this “pill”, when you know something is very wrong!!! I have lost a lot of faith in the medical (western) medicine! I have gone to so many doctors. I was always thin, very healthy diet, I started to gain weight (30lbs.) & could not lose it no matter what type of cleanse/diet I chose. I applaud Oprah-it’s a shame that 4 doctors did not find out the source of her problems, she had to educate herself. What are we paying these doctors/specialists for? They don’t get at the source of the problem, in most cases they treat the symptom. And where are they when your liver or kidneys are damaged from the medication???-Best believe it will be the medical field who benefits when you are in the hospital, or need an implant!! I speak from experience, educate yourself!! My problems started 37 years ago with amalgam fillings-16 of them- along with all the childhood innoculations,-MERCURY POISONING- which has led to weakened immune system, LUPUS, Adrenal disorders& thyroid disorders. (Check out all the findings on the internet)The medical field has caused the problem and they will continue to perpetuate the ignorance. Don’t be a fool, educate yourself! Listen to your body!!- Sick of Being Sick & Tired!

January 7, 2009 at 11:05 pm
(13) june says:

Oprah is the modern day “Poor Little Rich Girl”. She has so much , yet she has so little. I wrote to her quite a while ago telling her she had thyroid disease and she should get checked. I could tell by looking at her face. She displayed text book symptoms. Apparently so did many other viewers yet these letters went ignored.

She relies on her group of so called experts that don’t know beans about thyroid disease and they continue to spew false information to the public.

The best thing Oprah could do for herself is lose about 160 lbs in the form of Bob Greene. Otherwise next January her show will be titled “Why do I weigh 220 lbs and feel so tired and have no eyebrow?”

January 8, 2009 at 12:34 am
(14) Lisa says:

I too was offended by her blatant dismissal of her thyroid issues. She called it a “health scare”…well, look into it then. A person can’t just rely on Dr.’s to provide all or the correct answers everytime. I have thyroid cancer and I’ve done so much research that I know more than the nurses I deal with at the cancer clinic. She needs to inform herself and fast.

January 9, 2009 at 11:11 am
(15) Marie says:

I have had thyroid problems for 9 years. Initially, I was hyper, with Graves, and over the years, I leveled out, had long stretches of time when I was asymptomatic and in remission, with periodic “stress flare ups”. About 3 years ago, I was also diagnosed with Hashimotos, when my poor used-up thyroid finally and consistently went hypo. If Oprah is in a similar sort of flip-flop pattern over an extended number of years, she may well be able to experience remission, and to anyone who has the good luck to do so, you feel perfectly normal and you believe, in your ignorance, that your disease is “CURED”, and your symptoms were temporary, due only to life events that have ended, such as pregnancy, or other major event-based stresses. Having been through this cycle, and only seriously come to grips with my own disease and what I need to do to live well within the last two years, and having all of my symptoms EXCEPT the weight problem under control, I do have a lot of sympathy with where Oprah is now. One lesson I learned through my own, continuing journey, is that allopathic medicine holds very few answers and hardly any of the body of knowledge that is necessary to live well with thyroid disease is found with conventional doctors. Each person’s journey is different, and those of us that have found this website, and Mary’s books are extremely fortunate.

January 9, 2009 at 11:20 am
(16) Dianne Gregg says:

I believe Oprah’s soy consumption is contributing to her weight gain, palpitations, etc..

I don’t have hypothyroidism (luckily) but I had problems with nausea, bloating, palpitations and unusual weight gain. I had blood work done and everything was normal.

After removing soy products and derivatives, I lost 37 pounds in eight months! And, I never gained any weight back.

So, if you have hypthyroidism, remove soy from your diet and I beleive you will notice a difference in the way you feel.


January 9, 2009 at 2:11 pm
(17) Ziggy says:

It’s time to turn Oprah off. She’s the standard bearer of pretention and mediocrity in America. It’s frightening that such a misinformed person presumes to advise people on health. It’s clear that she’s an egomaniac with little to no sense of accountability.

January 9, 2009 at 2:48 pm
(18) Karen says:

As Mary has previously stated, “Talking about Thyroid conditions (even if it is inaccurate information) draws attention to the disorder.” I am thankful at least for that. If someone that thinks/knows they have a thyroid condition does their homework, they will find the answers.

Who among us doesn’t have a thyroid journey story? I was diagnosed 22 years ago at 18. That endo told me that if anyone ever tells me I was put on thyroid meds to lose weight, to ignore them. A few years later I was diagnosed with Hashi’s. I have gone through experiences of denial; removing myself from the meds. I have also gone through periods of no prescription (“script”), no money for Dr./lab therefore, no med. I have also experienced being under medicated because my numbers fell within the range so no change to the script. To say I have fluctuated in focus, weight and energy is putting it mildly. Thankfully, just this week (unrelated to Oprah) I finally found a Dr. that will treat me, not the lab results! I am on Armour for the first time with supplements for adrenal support. A plan is in place to “cure” (lol!) me. Praise God!

Oprah, unless she or someone who cares about her, does their own research and educates her she will have to walk her own thyroid path. At least the information is out there. Twenty-two years ago it was not.

Mary, thank you for your diligence in getting the correct information out to the needy!

January 9, 2009 at 7:09 pm
(19) Sharon says:

Well, as a post menopausal, hypothyroid sufferer, I can personally attest to the disasters of NOT taking prescribed meds. I had changed to a different dr a couple of years ago, (when I had insurance), who decided that he needed me to go off my meds for 30 days. By the time I got back in to see him, I was a total basket case. In fact, I was so bad, that it was a real struggle to even get up to go to work. Thank the Lord, he realized his mistake & represcribed the levothyroxine. I have since had to change drs, & the p.a. that I see is a fellow thyroid sufferer herself, so she understands better than most, what we go through. Oprah is too powerful of a woman to allow women to believe that she’s ‘cured’, or that it’s alright to not take your medicine. Shame on her! I don’t watch her very often, & plan on not ever watching her again!! We thyroid suffers go through enough misinformation from medical people to have someone like her make it even worse!

January 10, 2009 at 10:27 am
(20) Mary says:

I disagree that wrong information is better than none at all. If people couldn’t get any info on thyroid issues from Oprah’s site, they would be forced to look elsewhere and likely come across this site. I know when I first developed full hypothyroidism, about 5 years ago, it was the first site I found when I began searching online.

January 10, 2009 at 9:46 pm
(21) april says:

first of all, please excuse the length of this comment, but my feathers got ruffled with oprah’s show and I feel I have been repressing a bit lately so here goes…

I was just pacing while I listened to oprah on monday, my mom was on the computer and I was anxious to get to mary’s site. augghhh…..oprah was just pissing me off and I had to vent.

I wrote to her years ago, I don’t know why she wasn’t going to read it or answer me. i do love oprah but come on…with her money, her connections, her constant weight problems and for God’s sake she has dr. oz glued to her side (bob greene is on the other side) did anyone bother to do a blood test on the poor woman!!!

and now she thinks everything is okay, it is all under control, little does she know but they call it a disease for a reason, she will soon find that out, and find out that even oprah can’t snap her fingers for this problem. and am I confused she talked and talked about loving the body God gave you and then good right into her “new” or “newest fitness, feel good, diet plan. What happened to loving that body the way it was.

I do know we all wish one little aspirin would work (I am sure that is just for her heart) but we all know it won’t.

having hashimoto’s myself, which took over 2 to 3 years to properly diagnose, even though 5 years later, the dose changes almost every time I get my blood work done – and boy my body lets me know how it feels about that! :)

i feel everyone’s pain and yes we are not making these symptoms up, just look at the number of symptoms of the countless numbers of patients and they really outweigh the doctors who think we are making everything up.

but with all of our doctors we had before labs and meds and all of our doctors we have now, you realize that it is going to be an endless battle, but you read, vent, try to do one day at a time, vent, (oops, said that already!) you count your blessings you have mary with her marvelous website, and you just try and deal but most of all you fight and that is what we are all doing and we all should be proud of ourselves.

i remember that in the very beginning I started out with the all these clueless HMO’s docs and i heard everything from,” if you got off the couch, quit eating and exercised you wouldn’t be depressed and overweight”, or how about “you just have a “fat” neck”, which i responded with the fact that it wasn’t fat 6 months ago. we all have those stories, i would love to zap all those idiot doctors into hypo (or hyper) for a year, let them have the bad insurance, expensive labs, work two jobs, live paycheck to paycheck and drive a car that breaks down all the time, i could go on couldn’t i? we all could.


January 11, 2009 at 12:09 am
(22) Karen says:

Kudos to “losing Bob Greene” and a show a year from now with Oprah asking why she weighs 220 lbs….

I went on her website and mentioned Mary’s books and website and suggested people look into Armour and finding docs that prescribe it.

I can imagine all the “sheep” out there who will do exactly as Oprah and Bob Greene say.

And what about Dr. Oz? Why doesn’t he offer better information and at least offer that Oprah’s “cure” is rare…very sad

January 11, 2009 at 10:32 am
(23) Janet says:

We must be accountable for our own health. There is so much information available to us on the web and we have to research for our selves the best treatment. So many just listen to Oprah or Dr.Oz and take that as gospel. It is wise to listen and learn from those who have experienced what we face as thyroid patients. I was given this website by a friend who has had thyroid issues for years. She has suffered at the hands of doctors who are ignorant about thyroid problems and she didn’t want me to go through what she has had to endure. It is important for us to continue to educate others and I hope the “Oprah syndrome” will not adversely affect too many people. She should be ashamed of misleading people who trust her, she herself has been mislead so many other times in other situations ie: books , her school in Africa etc. Oprah is not the foremost expert on anything!!!!!

January 11, 2009 at 2:21 pm
(24) tiffany says:

Perhaps a heart attack will convince her that her thyroid is not cured. So many women could benefit from her show since soo many women are influenced by her, but no, let’s try other bubble gum crap. Shame on Oprah – ignorance is just that with her. Duh.

January 15, 2009 at 4:10 am
(25) BBH from Seattle says:

I adore Oprah and really and bummed and her blind spot, with the reality of what is for most of us a life long challenge. She has such an incredible influence, I worry about others who don’t do their own critical thinking. I am stunned that Oprah is not open to learning. Her bias and blind spot will no doubt hurt herself but also others. It was interesting to watch Bob Greens non verbal behavior…my take is he is being patient and not buying it. Oprah…I know you felt like you had the right team of docs, but I hope you are doing your own critical thinking. Listen to your body, energy, and watch the wieght pour on. I suspect you may change your mind—which is a sign of growth.

January 29, 2009 at 9:57 am
(26) salome says:

I wish she knows how we suffered from lack of knowledge of thyroid (Hypo). but now I control it by exercising and eating alot of vegetables and fruits. and also taking levothyroxine med. it has worked for me but Oprah you are cheating ladies!

February 26, 2009 at 3:28 pm
(27) Ana Velez says:

Why it cannot be cured? I’m hypo for 10 years now and I feel the Pharmaceutical Industry is having a field day on this one! I have read so many topics and so many things going on about ailments and diseases! I have even Mrs. Solomon’s books 2 of them but here is the question if the Dr. Prescribe you a pill for your BP because is high, then thats it? you doom for life with the medication because you “label” I feel that the Holistic approach has increase my level of confidence in so many levels I no longer have “PMDD”, dry skin, I have tons of energy and reality I skip my pill every other day or so why because I don’t trust Doctors anymore (Future Nurse, I did to advocate myself) I was overdose on the Levoxyl pill and she had no clue why, Would you believe that!!! WEll Thanks! I could of die! Sooo.. I have lost weight steadily yes it can be done no excuses! There are solutions in this world but death!! and bottom line if you eat starch regular pasta and all that fast food garbage of course it won’t help “the closer to the field the better health!” and that chemical induce stuff is harming our bodies, especially frozen products..Sorry I have to disagree on you guys but Things can be cured! If you put your mind to it! If Pharmaceuticals/Doctors would tell you that things can be cured then they lose business won’t day! Excellent in prescribing things on a blink of a eye but the consequences are that are not meant to be for our bodies, to the extend yes it’s good puts a “bandage” to the “illness” but then what? are you helping yourself by eating completely healthy for what God provides this bountiful fruits and vegetables! from being overdose the Doctor diagnose me from vertigo, GERD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, I was in almost 7 meds back in 2001 I gave up and say NO!!! I would not be an statistic nor I would be at the mercy of medicine, If I didn’t put my foot down I would be in some mental institution divorce and/or DEAD!!!!

July 31, 2009 at 2:05 pm
(28) sherrie says:

I saw a show the other day. I noticed her neck looked enlarged, so she apparently has a goiter that is growing or at the very least major inflamation. Your never cured of Thyroid Disease but it can go into remission and can flare even with treatment. It is very scary what she is promoting and people will follow her

April 26, 2010 at 7:50 pm
(29) Nancy says:

I have a few questions for all of you…
1. Why do sooooo many people have thyroid issues?
2. Is there a natural alternative to treating thyroid?
3. What do we all use that could be effecting our thyroids?
I know these answers are out there. We all need to wake up to what is really going on with Big Pharmacy!! DO SOME RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF! Study! Oprah probably has very good reasons that maybe she can’t talk about…think about that! Remember what happened when she mentioned something about eatting a “hamburger”. I think if anything she has learned to keep her mouth shut about somethings. Hmmm what do thinK?????

December 6, 2012 at 2:29 am
(30) www.ecopeace.pe.kr says:

My developer is trying to convince me to move to .net from PHP.
I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on a variety of websites for about a year and
am worried about switching to another platform.
I have heard good things about blogengine.
net. Is there a way I can transfer all my wordpress posts into it?
Any kind of help would be really appreciated!

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