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Mary Shomon

Did Saddam Give George & Barbara Bush Thyroid Problems?

By September 1, 2004

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Ok, the conspiracy-minded among you may find this little tidbit of interest. A caller shared with me that he had met a family member of a retired colonel in the medical corps who had won a rare legion of merit award, commissioned personally by George Bush, Sr. According to my caller, the reason the retired colonel had gotten the honors was that he had tracked down the reason why Bush Sr. and first lady Barbara Bush both came down simultaneously with the autoimmune condition Graves' disease, which caused hyperthyroidism and various serious symptoms in both Bushes. At the time, it was also reported that their dog Millie also developed Graves', but later reports revealed that Millie had another autoimmune condition, lupus.

According to my caller, the news is that this colonel discovered the real reason why the Bushes all had such sudden onset of autoimmune disease -- a sudden supply of "bad water" at Kennebunkport, the family's Maine vacation home. While my caller had no details on the "bad water," he indicated that the family of the retired colonel assured him that the "bad water" was a covert assassination attempt by Saddam Hussein against Bush.

No way to track down the veracity of this particular "theory," but this was definitely not the typical reader email I get around here! Some would theorize that the "bad water" and resulting autoimmune crisis for the Bush clan was probably due to a less sinister but equally dangerous domestic danger -- a plume of perchlorate contaminating the Kennebunkport water, or another equally unhealthy environmental toxic exposure.

By the way, there are reports that autoimmune diseases run in the Bush family in general, and I've theorized in the past that current President George W. Bush's episode of choking on a pretzel may even point to an as yet undiagnosed thyroid condition. See: Grave Concerns: President Bush's Health Timebomb? Is He, Like His Parents, Facing Thyroid Disease?
March 11, 2007 at 9:47 pm
(1) Victor says:

OR maybe they’ve contaminated THEMSELVES with the “Depleted” Uranium (DU) deployed Middle East/Worldwide @ 3500 tons, estimated to cause ~ 40 million DEATHS (not to mention diseases) in the decades since the Gulf War’s start in early ’90s!

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