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Is Armour Thyroid Going Off the Market? What's the Status of Thyrolar?

By April 22, 2004

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I've been receiving many emails lately from readers asking about Armour Thyroid. "Is Armour going off the market?" asks Lena, who was told by her pharmacist, they're no longer making Armour." "Why can't I get Armour?" asks Theo, who has been to four pharmacies, all of whom say that Armour is backordered and they can't fill his prescription for Armour 1/4 grain (15 mcg). The truth is that the problems with supply are because Armour is more popular than ever, and it's not going off the market. I called the company. Find out more now.

The unofficial word from the folks at Forest Laboratories, the company that makes Armour, is that the supply issues with Armour are a result of the supply problems with another key thyroid drug they produce, Thyrolar. Thyrolar, a synthetic T4/T3 product, has ben going through a change to its manufacturing process to meet FDA regulations, and some dosage sizes have been difficult to obtain or unavailable for several months.

In response, doctors have been frequently switching their Thyrolar patients over to Armour Thyroid as an interim measure. The company apparently did not have enough Armour on hand to fill the gap for Thyrolar.

The review process for Thyrolar is now apparently near completion or complete, and is moving on to the validation stage. While the company web page says that Thyrolar should be available again no later than September, the unofficial word is that it could be at least a month or two earlier than that, as production is likely to start back up again shortly.

In the meantime, while Armour is going through a small manufacturing review, there are no production stops as part of the process. The availability problems with Armour are solely due to the increased demand from Thyrolar customers, and the fact that more Armour was not produced in anticipation of the Thyrolar customer demand. But, according to the company, supply problems with Armour are no more than a week or two backlog, and your pharmacy should be able to fill your prescriptions shortly in all dosages.

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~ Mary Shomon, April 22, 2003
July 21, 2008 at 1:25 am
(1) harle says:

This is an interesting article, written in April 2004. Today is July 21, 2008 and I was told by my pharmacy that Armour 60mg is not available due to process changes in manufacturing. The pharmacy could only give me 12 pills.

I don’t want to go back to Synthroid. I have only been on Armour for 30 days and already feel a positive difference!

I found a listing of a few other natural synthroid manufacturers. Does anyone know about Bio-Throid (BioTech Pharmacal) or Nature Throid (Western Research Labs)? I am wondering if either of these might be a temporary solution until Armour is caught up with the backlog.


August 3, 2008 at 10:17 am
(2) Mindy says:

I just got the same info from my pharmacist today, Aug. 3rd, that Armour may not be available. I’ve been on it for a little over a month and I too feel so much better, now that I’ve figured out my dose. What are we to do if we can’t get it? I tried ordering some online but it is also back ordered. I think we can still get Westthroid, at least I ordered some. We’ll see if it shows up.

October 13, 2008 at 5:07 am
(3) betty a says:

hmmm…interesting this was written in 2004. glad the first comment pointed that out. I have been told that armour thyroid is no longer being manufactured. period.

I remember reading a lawsuit by the synthroid folks against the armour folks about 6 months ago, it seems so frivilous and see-through at the time I paid no attention. maybe we all should have? what is the truth for October 2008? does anyone know? all local pharmacies are saying the same thing: NO LONGER BEING PRODUCED.

November 17, 2008 at 3:43 pm
(4) Judy says:

I just called Forrest Pharmacuticals and was told Armour thyroid will be available and in full production on 12/08/08. It only stopped producing the higher dosage pills temporarily.
They said it might take a little longer than that to get it back in all the pharmacies because of the huge log of back orders.

January 15, 2009 at 1:45 pm
(5) Evelyn Hawkins says:

In 2009 is thyrolar still available?

May 22, 2009 at 10:56 pm
(6) Selah says:

Iup until a year and a half ago i was at a healthy weight.i started feeling depressed and sleeping a lot. some of it due to some weight gain.i have some more energy than idid then but not much and have since gone from 130 lbs to 200. at 130 i look thin and healthy was never to worried about my weight. i cant seem to get much improvement with levoxyl or synthroid with the weight gain, depression, loss of energy and its taking its toll. im 25 now and was very social and active.i dont go out much now because i dont want to be seen at this weight.Does anyone have any advice about what might help or what meds might make me feel better and give me some results.Im just trying to be pointed in the right direction so i can talk to my Doc about a change.

May 26, 2009 at 9:01 am
(7) catherine j sacco says:

Finally found a “sight’,that’s not blinding,shall I say,I’ve seen so many “ask t he dr’s’ knowing,but not expecting true anylasis,still,they’re either asking for money,or never answer you anyway! Mary Showman has proved her dedication & sincerity,as she has told us the truth,not protecting the “likes” of those running our lives…FDA! Farrah Fawcett’s cancer special just aired..you’d think people listened to this sad story,instead all I heard was..she was rich,and “was able” to go to Europe[Germany] for alternative!” No! Farrah’s message was..why doesn’t U.S.A ask those doctors in Europe[experimental],in other words,why would anyone “have” to go there if FDA& Germany[etc/other countries] “share” their knowledge of? Instead our [U.S. doc's] are so greedy,making money from death is their “operation!”.Many medicines should be the “alternatives”,as we “do” need med’s,but this evil business of keeping Amourthyroid,a thy-med I “will” get even if my MD shook his head to ALL the ones I mentioned? Then when Alvidar was said to no longer be available he triumphantly said…”that’s what I mean!” “You have to watch out for those things too you know”Things? Like, it’s better for me to be depressed w/ tears in my eyes,better to have 3 side-effects than 10?In Pa/e.stroudsberg/Milford.are the worst doctors who have no problems because they don’t need to be good! People here are inferior,& alternatives are never mentioned,as a matter-of-fact I’ve heard& seen the looks on people when the mere utterance of real cures re: vitamins,articles proving the suppression of drugs that “do” cure,giving us back the quality of life..they actually give a dirty look,as if to say…You’re nuts!Good,then you keep your junk food,the cheap food you eat,instead of spending it on fish and the more costly types of lettece..Romain,green-leaf..imagine there are those who refuse to buy Romain,bec- it was too much? I lived on LI ny 39yrs,where I found out about the goiter,hypothyroidism 30yrs ago…thank God I didn’t have that lump now!!Synthroid “has” made me gain 30lbs/I also take lithium at 450mil’s 2X day but have stopped one,taking 450 once! Imagine this dr. telling me Lith&Syn are interacting then say’s no to Amourthyroid…thinking I’ll forget it? No,because I am close to the pharmacists here…& they really care about this problem I’ve had w/ depression& Manic d/however I do not have episodes! I am often funny despite my sadness,one would think I wasn’t unhappy at all! They will make sure I get “Amourthyroid!” I will demand my dr. give this to me whether he wants to or not! The FDA are so afraid we are headed towards cures,they want us to be in a fog! They think there’s nothing we can do? As far as “O”, I couldn’t understand why “Thyroid” was never said out loud[either] now IF she did find a “cure” is she telling us,or keeping it to herself? She cannot write..look at the last page in “O”..read it! She refused to read an unpublished book 1st of its kind,re: Waitress,NO not the junk movie they made,this is an expose’ written in ’78,on tv,articles..phil donhue in ’80′s “Just Tip Me Mister!” Cecilia Sacco Fusco[my mom, hard working,life,& those customers who's professionalism didn't show,when they ate,instead,leaving lobster shells under their table! The book has sadness,disipline,humor,truth& poetic justice,using "Fugg"! XM recording,told "O" to read it,not begging for her critique as she is devoid of any intellectual depth! I just asked her,and she never answered...maybe it's because she could not relate to "hard work?" A woman who raised her daughter alone..waiting tables at 24-50 approx/no alimony,didn't say "i quit" each time her loust boss got stupid" no woman today would stabd for that! She did..Remember that book "O" published for "Frey?" the addict who admitted he invented the entire story? The mess she published,staying up all night to share his insipid drug-rehab story,that had no credibility! If "that" story touched her,& Harpo family,then why would she want to give a woman who struggled all her life..her life's work? No, miss "O" is an idiot..even "I" know SOY is the worst re: thyroid! She's lazy,and w/ all of those doctors..still, she got fatter? Not me, I have more "fight" within me!Where is "her" book? she was already comfy at the tender age of 30!,while my mom,was beautiful,young,having bought our split-level home..she was a mere 27yrs! Dr. Phil? another jerk,wife Robin? spoiled,all American mom,who doesn't know the difference between hard work&any struggles! I saw Dr.Phil do something I'll never forget,it was so stupid..he never put it on his message board! He was too embarrassed..he did the same thing by making fun of "Thyroid" w/ that woman[on show] Perhaps Robin had nothing to say in private or did she kiss-up to hubby? Against the very “women” she’s suppossed to be sooo dedicated to?Please..Two women fighting over “land”,”Gone With The Wind”,I called it,He thought the sisters were fighting over a dead issue,and he would because between he and his boss “O” never had to fight for anything] suddenly wheeled in[barrel-o?] dumping the soil onstage,saying…”this is what you’re fighting for?”Now now Katie Scarlett,forget this red earth,let all I worked for&your heritage go to hell!It’s “only” land!Ha..Would Dr Pill,get rid of “his” land? If he were left vast acres?
Ok,I got carried away…Please let me know what I can do about Lithium..and synthroid…I will lose this weight,I am 57,and still pretty,I will not sit here and allow some idiot dr.to keep medication from me or I will call a lawyer!Thank you so much for your patience!At least I’ve educated you all..can’t say it was boring,right?

May 26, 2009 at 9:08 am
(8) catherine j sacco says:

Forget your “CAPS” re: Armourthyroid” it was shown to me by my Pharmacy 3days ago! It is still here,not going anywhere,it is too late,people will demand to know why,even though the FDA are themselves looking for an anti-anxiety pill! Say goog-by to your beloved,destructive “SYNTHROID”,give it to your daughter.&/or wife.let “them” become fat,or overweight!What they wouldn’t give their family? Give it to us..huh?/jentilpet/cjenn

September 26, 2009 at 7:23 pm
(9) Lois Charles says:

I got armour thyroid compounded at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center.
577 Main street Waltham MA
They will work with you physician.
They mail the medicine anywhere of course.
They are GREAT.

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